SATURDAY: 4:30 pm
SUNDAY: 9:00 & 11:00 am
THURSDAY: 7:00 pm
FRIDAY: 8:00 am
HOLY DAYS: 9 am & 7 pm
RECONCILIATION - 3:00 pm (Sat.) or by appointment
Saint Priscilla, Catholic Church
19120 Purlingbrook Road,  Livonia, Michigan 48152
Mass of the Last Supper
Thur. March 20 at 7:00 pm
Good Friday
March 21, 2008
      • Stations of the Cross
        at 12 Noon
      • Liturgy at 1:00 pm
Easter food blessing
Sat. March 22, 2008
   at 11am
Easter Vigil Mass
   Sat. March 22, 2008
   at 8:00pm
Easter Masses
March 23, 2008
   at 9:00 & 11:00 am
8:30 am - 4:30 pm (Mon. - Wed.)
8:30 am - 7:00 pm (Thur.)
8:30 am -12:30 pm (Fri.)

Phone: 248-476-4700
Religious Ed: 248-476-4702


Social Nights & Community Building Night

Sept. Fall Kick Off
Oct. Get off your Can
Nov. Full Participation
Dec. Christmas Social
Jan. Community of Believers Jan. Winter Ice Breaking Night Feb. Flex Your Muscles
April TBD

Issue Nights

  • Bella- Pro-life Movie Spent!
  • Spotlight on youth culture – teens and money
Life Nights

Our Life Nights are comprised of: Educational, social, service and issue nights.

Educational Nights:

The educational nights for our 2007-08 year follow the theme of “Person of Christ: Who is Jesus?” The purpose of these nights is to introduce teens to the Mystery of Jesus Christ, the Living Word of God- the second person of the Blessed Trinity. During this year’s educational nights the teens will learn about who Jesus is, and learn who he calls them to be.

Oct. “What if?” Goal: This night will be the introduction for the semester. The goal of this night is to have the teens understand that everything we believe hinges on the reality of Jesus as the Christ. He is the full and perfect revelation of God. With out Christ nothing we profess and believes makes sense.

Nov. “A River Runs Through It” Goal: This night is about our response to God’s free gift of Himself. Just as Jesus fully gave Himself to us, we are called to give completely of ourselves to God using the faith given to us in Baptism. This night will provide teens with the definition of faith and the role the Church plays in our faith.

Dec. “TRI” Goal: Explain the mystery of the Trinity. Explain why God Choose to reveal Himself in terms of relationship.

Jan. “Mirror Image” Goal: This night is about human dignity. This night will give the teens a chance to see themselves through the loving eyes of the Father. It will remind the teens who and what they are created for.

Feb. “Know Your Momma” Goal: This night is about Mary and it should help the teens understand the role of Mary in the Church as well as how to develop a relationship with her.
March “Nailed” Goal: Teens will learn that they will always experience both blessing and suffering in their lives, but the Lord desires for them to unite both to the cross.

April “Prove It!” Goal: This is a basic apologetics night. The night will give the teens a safe environment to ask questions and express doubts while giving them some of the main arguments to prove the existence of God.


Service Nights & Projects

  • Bingo Kitchen- 5th Tuesday of the month (Oct., Jan., April) Teens are responsible for providing and serving food for the Bingo kitchen.
  • Decorate Christmas Cookies for the Towers (Dec.)
  • Souper Bowl of Caring Collection (Feb.)

The remainder of the year we will be working in conjunction with the newly formed Christian Service Commission.